8 Benefits of Cow Dung Paints

When History repeats itself the long lost traditions come back to place their foot back in the growing modern world to make them alive again! Our ancestors have been using the mixture of cow dung to coat the surfaces of their houses walls and ground floorings.

Cow Dung Paints possess a lot of magical and anti-bacterial properties which keep infections and other diseases at bay, and they seem to have decoded this phenomenon way back and hence did the practice in wake of keeping their families and surroundings clean, fresh and healthy.

But with the passing time, this practice got eloped somewhere whose consequences are a number of new diseases in the air! It is important to grow but one should never leave his/her roots and the traditional practices which have been serving through ages.

Hence Khadi India has come with a twist to once again to alive and reinforce the practice of using cow – dung coat on the walls of houses, but in form of a paint, which seems to go in lines with the modern demands.

It claims to have a number of benefits which is coated under the “Ashta Labh” which are as follows:-

Anti – Bacterial Properties Of Cow Dung Paints

Prakritik Paints disinfects surfaces and eliminates potentially harmful bacterial growth.

Cow Dung Paints Are Also Anti-Fungal

The Khadi Prakritik Paints is a natural resistant, as it prohibits the development of any kind of fungal infection. These paints are breathable, which means they allow moisture to escape from walls, reducing the risk of mould and mildew growth.

Eco-Friendly Nature Of Cow Dung Paints

The Khadi Prakritik Paints are free from any kind of harmful chemicals and do not release toxic fumes in the environment. Hence being an Organic product, they promote “Green Living” and help to conserve energy and prevent any sorts of air or water pollution, making them an eco-friendly option.

Cost – Effective

It possesses a lot of versatile qualities and attributes, still is a cost-effective option in the market, as is budget friendly!

Free from Heavy chemicals

Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Selenium, Chromium and Antimony are some of the heavy metals which leads to serious diseases. Khadi Prakritik Paints are free from all sorts of heavy metals, thus making it a sustainably viable option!

Odour Less

Prakritik Paints are free from any type of unpleasant smell, instead it makes your surroundings pleasant with breathable custom smell.

Natural Thermal Insulator

Just a single coat of this paint is sufficient to provide your residence achieving a -2 degree of the outside temperature, making it a natural thermal insulator.

Non – Toxic

Prakritik Paints are made from natural and non – toxic ingredients, making them safe for use in homes, schools, hospitals etc. Khadi Prakritik Paints are breathable and provides your walls with a toxin – free fresh feel with every coat.

This Paint is washable, waterproof, durable, and dries quickly in just four hours of time. It confirms to the BIS Standards. Khadi Prakritik Emulsion paints comes in white colour base with a matt finish. It can be developed into any colour by mixing suitable coloured pigments.
Khadi Prakritik paints are popularly known as Prakritik Paints, Cow Dung Paints, Natural Paints, Eco-friendly Paints and Vedic Paints. This is an amazing product by Khadi India. Its use should be maximised to not just support the farmers but in general the village economy and even the non-milking cows. If you are interested in purchasing the product click here.

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