Motivation Behind the Opening Ceremony

It happened to be, that one day Mr Sudhesh was reading a Newspaper when he came across an advertisement of cow dung paints and that government of India has launched a totally new training centre which promotes the manufacturing of Prakritik paints.
Then he researched a bit more about where the training of manufacturing process was taking place and talked to like minded people who were interested in creating a Business which would just not be good from an industry perspective but will also help farmers to raise their income and save the cows as they will become a source of income even if they are not capable of milking!
Having this idea being woven and spun in the wheels of brain of like-minded people gave birth to Indian Ocean Paints in October 2021. Indian Ocean Paints is a company which supports the initiative of government of India of making paint from cow dung.
Khadi Prakritik Paints were initially launched in January 2021 by GOI, and got entangled with the line of thought of Mr Jai Prakash and Mr Sudhesh who are the founders of the company. This company has taken off a flight since then to reach heights and is planning of go even higher with time.

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