Vastu Benefits of Cow Dung Paints

Natural paints are the ones which are manufactured from naturally occurring ingredients such as Clay, Milk, Lime, Casein, Cow Dung etc. The Khadi Prakritik paints are the ones which are made from Cow Dung being the man ingredient.

When we talk about the benefits of Cow Dung, the list is never ending. Cow Dung is used as a natural fertilizer as it improves soil quality and increases crop yield. It is also used as a source of fuel, as a natural pesticide etc. It is even used as a building material and for biogas generation. It has a lot of medicinal properties as well and is believed to treat many ailments because of the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities.

Also, Cow Dung is considered to be very sacred in a country like India and even used in many festivals and rituals apart from it supplementing daily household needs! Since the Khadi Prakritik Paints are made using Cow Dung and other naturally occurring ingredients, hence it does not require high level of repeated processing and manufacturing.

This product was initially developed by the Gram Udyog and KVIC and is now supported by several registered manufacturers who have adopted the manufacturing process continuing the legacy of Khadi India. The paint is termed as “Organic” as it contains only organic products. This paint claims to have zero VOC’s which in itself is an embarking achievement in the field of manufacturing paints.

The paint also provides the user with “Ashta Labh”. Not only this since Cow Dung is considered to be sacred, it also helps in eliminating all the vastu related problems of the house and where ever it is used. It claims to reduce the inside temperature to 2 degrees of the outside temperature hence providing a cooling effect naturally in summers. Using Cow Dung brings “Sukh, Shanti and samridhi” which implies to calmness, happiness and prosperity in the house. Cow Dung’s use as a sacred ceremonial entity engulfs the whole India with Southern part also contributing immensely. “GruhPravesh” that is house welcoming ceremony, Havans, puja etc all witness the use of cow dung as a pious placement.

The Khadi Prakritik paints brings a lot more benefits to your doorsteps which chemical paints definitely miss a chance at! It is strongly recommended to use these paints to the maximum level possible to not only support an industrial material but also to save non-milking cows and promote the farmers.

So go ahead and buy the paints!

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