What are Natural Paints?

Natural paints, made from organic and non-toxic ingredients, are gaining popularity around the world as a healthier and eco-friendly alternative to conventional paints. In India too, natural paints are becoming more widely available, providing an opportunity for homeowners to create a healthier and more sustainable living environment.

Why has there been a shift to using natural paints?

Past few years have witnessed an increase in the level of awareness of people towards sustainable living. There has been a saying: Think globally, act locally and when it comes to painting our own homes why not take the first step. India has had the tradition of using cow dung in the most useful ways possible, to meet daily needs ranging from fuel to making a primer of cow dung mixture on village houses which served the purpose of maintaining a thermal balance both in summers and winters, also the antibacterial and antifungal properties of cow dung keep insects, bacteria and mosquitos at bay.

Launch of Khadi Prakritik Paints

Keeping these magical properties of cow dung in mind India launched “Khadi Prakritik Paints”, the first sustainable, eco-friendly paints in January 2021. What makes this product outstand the rest of the paints in the market is not just the unique method of production, but also its awesome properties such as being: odorless, ecological and natural, non-toxic, free from any kind of heavy metals such as chromium, mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium etc, besides, it’s also antifungal and antibacterial!

Approved by Bureau of Indian Standards

The Bureau of Indian Standards certified the Khadi Prakritik Paints for being free from lead and any kind of heavy metals. This was an important step taken by the government since most of the paint brands present in the Indian market are nothing but a cocktail of harmful chemicals which not only affects the people applying it in their homes but also the people who are present at the site while its manufacturing takes place.

Application of paint, drying time, thinning properties, finishing and rest of the test parameters set for any kinds of paint have been passed by the Khadi paints. This all reciprocated in highlighting it as an “ecological paint” which takes less than four hours to dry and gives a smooth and uniform finish.
Additionally, it has also been successfully verified that both emulsion and distemper paints, which are available in the color white have the possibility of being translated into any color and can be applied on both internal and external walls.

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